sexta-feira, junho 01, 2007

Visit from the Tuscan system of voluntary work and associations to Brussels for workshop – dialogue with the EU institutions

European Parliament, Brussels

The third sector: between economy and social solidarity

The social model in progress - Social Services of General Interest

Compagni, Signori, Amici

No parlare in italiano, perché mi italiano no e buono. Hanno bisogno di imparare.
Dunque, parlerei in inglesi, but we will make some quotes in Italian.

1. I want to salute the region of Tuscany, I have been several times to Firenze and once in Porto. I want to welcome the initiative and salute the colleague Lapo Pistelli. I want also to salute the representatives of the third sector ,the local power and all the participants in this workshop, mainly from the third sector and also, of course, the Minister Gianni Salvatori.

2. All the European construction had to deal first with the creation of an internal market. However, immediately, the idea of internal solidarity took an important place in the European construction. If we don't have this solidarity, the internal market would increase the social and economic differences between the different regions and Member states. Then structural and Cohesion Funds were created and the social cohesion was defined as one of the European construction goals. Then came the Lisbon Agenda as a European Strategy for Growth and Jobs.

3. But recently, we could see that most people in Europe not only in France were deceived with what they consider too much market and less solidarity. The monetary eurozone was created, the financial coordination and the Stability Pact are going on. There is a soft economic coordination but the social field doesn't seem so important for some European "leaders". But is tis important for many Members of the European Parliament

4. But now, we talk very much about the importance of the social services, as a relevant part of the European Social model. We must ask what kind of social services do the citizens of Europe need?

5. I think that a legal clarification is needed in this field. And also, a support on training and an involvement of the enterprises concerned by the social responsibility. And the discussion of all these questions with the social partners is very important. Services with more quality, with better training of the people

6. Also it is necessary to clarify the financial relations between SSGI and local and Regional Power. The member States, which delegate responsibilities in local and regional powers, should give them the money enough in order that they could fulfil their social responsibilities.

7. The Convocation of a Forum could be a very important step to develop the social dialogue in the European territory, involving the social organisations, the European Parliament, the Commission and European Council. It will be an event to help all the work in this field.

To conclude Europe must be not only an Economic and Monetary Union.. European Union should have a very important social dimension.

Grazie mile